LL Engineering P.C provides expert services in the various stages involved in the construction process. We design cost effective systems that are made to perform to a high standard of quality in the areas of HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Alarm, and Fire Protection design. As the design phase is completed the plans will need to be filed and work permits obtained with the Department of Buildings or other local authorities. Expediters are needed to navigate through the complex filing process which is constantly changing. We provide this expediting service with professionals dedicated to this field and skilled with years of experience. We also perform construction management  services which includes procurement of bids from other subs and designers. We will schedule the construction process and coordinate the different trades to ensure project schedule is met. In essence, we can be your single point source provider for all your construction requirements. As the designers of the plans coordinate the construction, the process will be streamlined and design intent will be ensured.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Design of complete heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for Commercial, Residential, Education, Restaurant, and other Building Occupancy types
  • Load calculations utilizing software in compliance with ANSI/ASHRAE standard 140-2007 to determine heating and cooling loads to select appropriate equipment
  • Steam, hot water, radiant floor, snow melt heated slab, chilled water, and condenser water systems Ventilation system design to provide minimum outside air requirements as well as required exhausts for toilets, kitchens, laundry rooms, and other rooms required to be ventilated
  • Restaurant exhaust systems, nail salon ventilation systems, make-up air system, and precipitator design to meet or exceed code requirements

Electrical Engineering

  • Design of complete building service distribution system for all Building Occupancy types
  • Complete Electrical plans with panel schedules, branch circuiting, and feeder and conduit sizing
  • Electrical load calculations in compliance with National Electric Code requirements
  • Emergency Generator and Standby Generator plants with Automatic Transfer Switch designed to comply with all local regulations
  • Main disconnect, Switchgear, and Subpanel design
  • Utility metering and submetering design
  • Emergency lighting and exit design
  • Electrical lighting control and power calculations for Energy Code Compliance
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply systems
  • Correspondence with ConEd for new service upgrades and service adequacy determinations

Plumbing Engineering

  • Domestic cold water, hot water, hot water re-circulation piping layout and design
  • Domestic hot water heater calculation and selection
  • Domestic water booster system for premises where city supplied pressure is inadequate
  • Fuel oil tank system design including day tank, leak alarm, vent, fill, emergency relief, and associated piping trim.
  • Sanitary, Vent, Storm drainage system layout and design
  • Natural gas utility and correspondence with utility company for new service request or existing service adequacy determination
  • Gas Booster selection and design for buildings where equipment will require higher gas pressures than delivered by the Utility Company
  • DEP site connection plan and detention tank design for new sewer connections
  • DEP cross connection plans for RPZ, DCVA, DCDA, and RPDA based on facility hazard level
  • Sewage ejector pump and sump pump selection and design
  • Commercial kitchen gas booster design
  • Commercial kitchen grease interceptor calculations and selection to meet or exceed local code regulations

Fire Alarm Engineering

  • Complete manual, automatic smoke/heat, sprinkler fire alarm system design
  • High rise Fire Command Center with voice/alarm and 2 way voice communication systems
  • Layout of smoke detectors, manual pull station, horn/strobe, speakers, control and monitoring modules
  • Fire Alarm As Built Matrix

Fire Protection Engineering

  • Complete Sprinkler and Standpipe design for light, ordinary, and high hazard Occupancy types
  • Hydraulic calculations to determine if adequate pressure and flow is delivered for Code compliance to the Sprinkler and Standpipe system
  • Fire pump selection and design where city pressure is not adequate to deliver the required system demand
  • Fire pump piping trim including bypass, valves, circulation relief, pressure relief, and testing manifold as required to meet code requirements
  • Dry Sprinkler System design and layout
  • Pre-action Sprinkler System design and layout
  • Siamese connection layout

Expediting Services

  • Filing of Alteration type 1, 2, and 3 jobs
  • PAA post approval filings
  • Construction Code Determination Forms to apply for variances on code requirements
  • Obtaining Work Permits & After Hours Variances
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Landmarks Preservation Commission filings
  • Letter of No Objection from the FDNY

Construction Management

  • Bid procurement and leveling from subcontractors and designers
  • On-site construction supervision
  • Master scheduling
  • MEP, architectural, and structural coordination
  • Owner and subcontractor meetings
  • Project status meetings


LL Engineering is a registered Special Inspection Agency with the NYC Building Department. We are registered to perform the following inspections.

Special Inspections

  • Emergency & standby power system (generators)
  • Mechanical systems
  • Fuel-oil storage and fuel-oil piping systems
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Stanpipe Systems
  • Heating Systems
  • Chimneys
  • Fire-Resistant penetrations and joints (firestop)

Progress Inspections

  • Energy Code Compliance

Energy Code Progress Inspections

  • Shutoff dampers
  • HVAC and service water heating equipment
  • HVAC and service water heating system controls
  • HVAC insulation and sealing
  • Electrical energy consumption
  • Lighting in dwelling units
  • Interior lighting power
  • Exterior lighting power
  • Lighting controls
  • Exit signs
  • Electrical motors
  • Maintenance information