Department of Building (DOB) Violations Removal

NYC DOB can issue violations for non-compliance to building regulations. Any NYC DOB violation will be on public record in the DOB database and can hinder a properties ability to amend or create a new Certificate of Occupancy. This can also potentially prevent owners from selling or refinancing the property. Banks, mortgage, title companies review the DOB database (BIS) for compliance information. Therefore, to reduce any potential problems building owners should have all DOB violations on their premises resolved.

DOB violations are issued by DOB inspectors and settled at the City’s Environmental Control Board (ECB) or by DOB. These violations are categorized in 3 classes. Class 1 violations are considered immediately hazardous and can result in a violation with a $1,500 civil penalty. Class 2 violations are considered Major. Class 3 violations are considered lesser. Based on the different types of violations can be found here.

There are several ways the tickets can be handled based on the type received. One way is to correct the violation as indicated on the Notice of Violation (NOV) by the Cure Date if provided. Then a certificate of correction will need to be filed as well as providing proof of correction. If this is done a waiver or reduction in penalty can be provided. A second way would be to admit guilt and pay the fine. This would still require a certificate of correction to be filed. The third way would be to attend the hearing and present your case.

DOB violations not handled by the ECB are considered “DOB Violations.” These violations should be corrected and proof provided otherwise interest may accrue. Once any DOB violation is corrected a certificate of correction will need to be filed to close out the violation on the BIS. Give us a call to discuss your violations and how we can assist you.

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